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If you require urgent legal advice, please contact LawAccess on 1300 888 529. Are you a multicultural person with a legal problem? (Including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and culturally and linguistically diverse people) «We can offer a free and secure and confidential legal service that is holistically integrated with Bonnie`s support services staff to provide these women with access to justice.» Women`s Legal Services regularly provides advice, information, interventions and legal training on family law and domestic violence. Many of our services can also provide advice on sexual harassment and discrimination, migration law, child protection issues and broader legal issues. For legal advice on other matters or outside WLS NSW consultation hours, please call LawAccess on 1300 888 529 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Free confidential legal information, advice and recommendations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in New South Wales, with a focus on domestic violence, sexual assault, parenting, family law, discrimination and victim support. Individual member centres regularly provide women with advice, information, cases and legal training, particularly in family law and domestic violence, but can also provide advice on broader legal issues. Free legal advice for women who have experienced sexual harassment, pregnancy-related discrimination or discrimination based on family commitments. When women`s legal services began to be established in all states, it became clear that a national network was needed to share information and work towards legislative reform. As there was no funding, the network was launched thanks to the dedication of a number of staff in the individual centres and the support of NACLC. We put you in touch with a lawyer for legal advice.

Are you a landlord who has a problem with a contractor who applies for legal aid? General Community Legal Services was created in the early 1970s in response to the growing lack of access to legal services and the need to lobby for legislative change. The recognition of women`s particular disadvantages in accessing services and gender bias in the law led to the establishment of the first women`s legal services in Victoria (1981), New South Wales (1982) and Queensland (1984). Women`s Legal Services adopted new approaches to the delivery of legal services, but at the time it operated completely independently of each other. Free confidential legal information, advice and recommendations for women in New South Wales, with a focus on domestic violence and domestic violence orders. Changes in legislation, particularly with regard to family law, would always affect women and children, and thus the problems faced by women`s legal services. Legal reform in this area is a never-ending task that has forged strong links within women`s legal services across Australia. Women`s Legal Service NSW recently launched Bonnie`s Legal Outreach Service, a new legal support service for CALD women (culturally and linguistically diverse) in South West Sydney. The service was officially launched by the Attorney General of New South Wales, Rep.

Mark Speakman, with Helen Campbell OA (CEO, Women`s Legal Service NSW) and Tracy Phillips (Executive Office, Bonnie`s Support Services) at the top. Donate to our legal team to bring justice to the West Sydney community. The South West Sydney Legal Centre provides essential local services, including free legal advice, education on their rights and services to women and children affected by domestic and family violence. WLS NSW provides personal legal advice through a range of outreach programmes. Our experienced employees are the backbone of our successful services. Their passion and dedication are constantly evolving to express the needs of their clients. «Women may be socially isolated and face language barriers, community pressure and limited awareness of their rights under Australian law. For women in forced relationships, cultural values and immigration status also make it harder to report or escape domestic violence,» says Katrina. Make an appointment via the online booking form. The National Network of Women`s Legal Centres Australia was established to actively participate in legislative reform, to ensure that women and children in particular are not disadvantaged by legislation and to advocate for better access to justice. Western Sydney Community Legal Centre Limited (WSCLC) is a limited liability company governed by an honorary board of directors comprised of professionals with an interest in social justice.

WSCLC is accredited by the National Association of Community Legal Centres (CLC NSW). In February 1995, as a result of these reports, the National Coalition for Women`s Justice was established and began advocating for the implementation of a national programme for women`s justice. The founding members were all Women`s Legal Services, the Women`s Electoral Lobby (WEL) and the Coalition of Participating Organisations of Women (CAPOW). Register to attend our Bright Spark Awards night and learn more about this year`s extraordinary women nominees. In early 1996, a telephone call (PLU) and a face-to-face meeting were held to discuss the establishment of a national network. The National Network of Women`s Legal Services (later WLSA) met officially for the first time at the NACLC conference in Melbourne in September 1996. We appreciate feedback that helps us improve our service. You can call the manager at (02) 8745 6900 or write to us at the address above. Katrina previously worked in the Immigration Advice and Rights Service and has extensive experience in understanding the challenges faced by disadvantaged women at CALD in accessing justice and escaping domestic violence.