Zasilkovna Legal Transfer

Any claims regarding damage to the package, loss or loss of contents can be submitted by e-mail Contact us via the web form or by e-mail to Bulky, bulky or heavy objects (furniture, tires, refrigerators, televisions, etc.), liquids (washing gels, detergents, alcohol, canned goods, etc.), very fragile and delicate goods (porcelain, glass, crystal, diagnostic equipment, etc.), dangerous or illegal goods (drugs, explosives, flammable objects, etc.). For a complete list of goods excluded from shipment, please see our Terms and Conditions. The package belongs to the sender until it is handed over to the recipient at the pick-up location. This means that in most cases, the sender files the complaint. In our claim form you will find a form for both the sender and the recipient. If you are unsure who should handle the complaint, please select an option or email us at Å1/2ádÁ vS buys a payment for payment by suspicious payment named ZÁ© (e.g. If you can still see, or possibly one of our foreign branches (SK, HU, DE, RO, PL) in your address when you©send or expect a shipment from abroad. © We do not use other homes©and recommend that you quickly put your feet on your shoulders.

© Good knowledge: Our official house©is The only payment gateway for online payments we use is ÄSOB Bank, where all information© about the bank and our company is provided in the payment in the bber. The payment of the shipment is made securely in our official ZŢ£££££ app or via the mentioned online payment, which, however, in all circumstances, can only be officially reached through our company. You can call our customer service center at any time at +420 216 216 516 or write for advice and confirm if the website, email or SMS is actually from ZÁSILKOVNA.© Bei sichtbaren Schäden hat der Kunde das Recht, die Annahme des Pakets am Abholpunkt / beim Fahrer zu verweigern. Wenn ein beschädigtes Paket eingegangen ist, kann eine mögliche Beschwerde per E-Mail an AÅ¥ uÅ3/4 is a suspicious communication via the web, e-mail or SMS, reporting tax fraud to the company and so on©© to the ÄR police. V pÅÃpadÄ, Å3/4e se jedná o phishingovÃ1/2 ãºtok zneuÅ3/4ÃvajÃcà jmà no Zásilkovny, napiÅ¡te nám prosÃm na nebo pÅes button « Chci nahlÁsit phishing » nÃÅ3©/4e. You can extend the storage time of the package on the website here, in the Zásilkovna mobile app or via our chatbot (click on the red icon at the bottom right anywhere on the website). If you fail to pick up the package in time, it will automatically be returned to the sender as a so-called «return» and the sender will then have to send it to you again. Non-transfer of the amount of cash on delivery after delivery Delivery time of more than 7 days for parcels delivered in the Czech Republic and more than 10 days for parcels delivered abroad (claims can only be submitted for parcels already delivered) You pay 23 CZK for cash on delivery and this amount will be added to the final delivery price. In addition, you can enter any amount paid by the recipient. You can then enter your account number directly into the app, to which the COD amount will be sent within 10 days of the recipient picking up the package. PodÃvejte se na naÅ¡e ukázky podvodnà ho jednáné.

CertifikÁt zobrazÃte tak, Å3/4e poklepete myÅ¡Ã v adresnÃm Åádku na symbol zÁmeÄku a pak kliknete na tlaÄÃtko âZobrazit certifikÁtâ. My v ZÁSILKOVNÄ dbáme na maximÁlnà bezpeÄnost naÅ¡ich systà mÅ ̄. Ale na to, abychom utnuli tipec vÅ¡em podvodnÃkÅ ̄m, jsme malà pÁni©. Proto potÅebuje vaÅ¡i spoluprÁci. Tady se dozvÃte, na co si kde dát pozor. Jakmile zadÁte do adresnÃho Åádku nebo otevÅete adresu, ujistÄte se, Å3/4e obsahuje dva dÅ ̄leÅ3/4ité parametry: Collection and submission points are only contractual partners. The computer system at their disposal does not allow them to receive complaints. The reason for this is to make sure that we do as much as possible outside of pick-up and submission points and that we don`t create unnecessary queues.